Getting Results

Dave puts progress above partisanship and gets things done. Dave has worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass legislation to relieve traffic congestion and create jobs. He understands how all the issues fit together to affect our quality of life and home values – like great schools, building a stronger economy, and easing traffic congestion – and he’s working hard for all of us.

Great Schools

Dave is a leading voice for Fairfax’s schools, successfully fighting for additional funding and teacher raises, to expand science and technology opportunities, and to reduce standardized tests while maintaining accountability. Dave knows that to keep Fairfax County prosperous our children need a world-class education from pre-K through college.

Easing Traffic Congestion in Fairfax County

Dave knows that too many of us spend too much time on our commute. To solve this problem, he led a bi-partisan group of legislators in passing historic transportation reforms that prioritize congestion relief, expand metro, and reduce waste at VDOT.

Building a Stronger Economy

Dave has helped small businesses by leading trade missions to Panama and South Korea and with cutting bureaucracy so small businesses can compete in the market place. From sponsoring bills to clear the way for Uber to reducing fees on local microbreweries, Dave is deeply involved in creating jobs in Fairfax County.

Defending Women’s Health Care Choices

Dave believes a woman should have the right to consult with her doctor and make her own health care decisions. He has always fought against efforts to dictate personal medical choices and attempts to place limitations on a woman’s health care options.

Protecting Our Environment

Dave has been a stalwart defender of our environment, even winning a Sierra Club Leadership Award for his legislative efforts. He has led the way on expanding Virginia’s renewable energy portfolio, cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay, and fighting the effects of climate change.